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Into the Wild

2014 December 31 - Los Angeles/San Francisco | 331 words

Amid the flurry of preparation for a new year, I sat down to reflect upon the one that has just passed. Every year I enter the next a little more optimistic and a little more excited. Part of it due to the potential of unknown unknowns (be it good or bad), and part of it due to thought of spending another year with those that I truly care about and those that I enjoy being around.

Admittedly, this coming year feels a little more precarious. The future is perhaps a little hazier than it ever has been. It is staggering in sheer potential and frightening in sheer responsbility. And while I no longer try to extrapolate in full the events that will happen in the near future, I can only imagine the best. For me, for those around me, and for those not-so-around me.

Here's to You

I've meet some truly wonderful people over the past year. All of whom I have no doubt will succeed one way or another. To all those folks at 500 Startups and Code for America, I look forward to hearing about great results and even greater successes.


For my friends, near and far, I hope the new year brings many more views just like the one below. To pushing boundaries, both physically and mentally, and creating experiences like no other.

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While we may not always make it from point A to point B, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend those in-between moments of daring, adventure, and perhaps most importantly silliness.


And finally to my family. Many of whom don't quite ever understand what I do on a day to day basis, but are still quite understanding nonetheless.

New Year? Let's rock and roll.